All About Charlie

I thought it was time to switch it up a bit in my blog. Over the past (almost) year you’ve got to learn about me and my many beauty and fashion favorites, but I have left out one very important detail in my life… MY DOG! If you know me personally, or have ever checked out my Instagram, then you may be aware that I have a corgi named Charlie – he’s really more like a child than a pet, honestly!  Ever since getting Charlie two years ago, I have received so many questions about him so I thought I would answer a few of them here!

1. What kind of dog is Charlie?

Charlie is a Tri-Colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi

2. Where did you get him?

This is probably one of the most frequent questions that I get! I purchased Charlie from Farm Pups, a breeder in Mount Airy, NC. They also breed other “herding breeds” as well.

3. How big is he/how big will he get?

Charlie is actually pretty small for a Corgi. He’s full grown (to my knowledge) and is about 30 pounds. Corgi’s can gain weight very easily, which can cause them a lot of health problems as they get older. So, to prevent any excessive weight gain I have always monitored his diet pretty closely.

4. Does he shed?

Oh my goodness, does he shed. I love Charlie more than anything in this world, but he does shed A LOT! I would not recommend getting a Corgi if you are sensitive to pet allergies, or simply cannot handle a lot of shedding. To keep up with his constant shedding I have to vacuum my apartment every day. And, I have to keep a lint roller around constantly. But, even with all of his shedding I love him the same!

5. What kind of food do you feed him?

He has always ate the Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice – both the puppy and adult formula! He’s always loved it and I think it has been one of the best things to keep him at a healthy weight.


5 thoughts on “All About Charlie

  1. He is super adorable! I think they are very well chosen questions and a wonderful post! If your don’t mind, I’d love to use this post as an inspiration. I’m planning to “introduce” my two dogs on my blog soonish & this Q&A layout looks good and appealing 🙂 Again, seriously cute! Much love, Ju xx

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