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I don’t think I can even begin to explain how happy I am to see the new arrivals section on online shops filled with new fall pieces! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but I can’t wait to wear jeans, suede booties, and baggy sweaters every day. Fall trends are always my favorite and what I gravitate towards, so each year I always want to go shop and add even more to my fall wardrobe.

One of my favorite places to shop all year long is H&M. They offer great style staples all the time, but I especially love shopping there during the fall months. Majority of the clothes at H&M are budget friendly, but I think their cold weather pieces tend to be higher quality while also staying at a great price point. When you buy pieces at a more budget friendly price, then you are able to bulk up your wardrobe without totally stripping your wallet. One of my favorite pieces from their new fall collection are these ankle booties! They are so trendy but only $34.95 – you really can’t beat a price like that for cute shoes!

If you’re looking to find more investment pieces and don’t mind spending a bit more this fall, I highly recommend checking out J. Crew‘s newest additions. If I could only recommend one item from all of J. Crew it would be their Pixie Pant. I have bought two pair of these in black and I will continue to wear them until they are discontinued (which I pray is never). The Pixie Pant are pretty much just big girl/adult leggings. They are sleek, sophisticated, and look great with almost anything, yet they are SO COMFORTABLE! I know they are not cheap, but oh my gosh are they worth every penny. Go. Buy them. I promise, you will not regret it one bit!

What pieces are you most excited for this fall?



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