Home Decor Under $50




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I haven’t been moved into my new apartment for very long now, but in this short time I’ve learned a few different things.

1. My dog sheds so much more than I ever realized.

2. Apple TV is probably the best small investment I’ve ever made.

3. You never realize how much you love your family until you’re not able to see them every day.

4. Left overs hold so much more value than you realize.

5. Home decor is EXPENSIVE.

All of these are obviously really big life lessons (maybe not all of them, but bear with me), but that last one has really hit me hard. I have so many great ideas for my little space and so many things that I want to buy and change, but I’m trying to ball on a budget. With a new big girl job, big girl apartment, and big girl bills, I really don’t have money to just blow on just pretty odds and ends. So, to try and keep myself sane and out of total debt, I’ve compiled a small pile of absolutely adorable home decor pieces that are all under $50! Of course I’m not going to go out and buy each of these pieces at once, but I know that I’ll like to keep this list close by for when I am able to treat myself.





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