Irish Adventure: Part 2

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Happy Tuesday! I’ve been back in the U.S. for 2 full days now so I thought it would be the perfect time to finally post my part 2 of my trip to Ireland! Spoiler alert: I loved Ireland so much and it seemed like there were new surprises around every corner!

Day 4

We started our day by making the journey from Baltimore to Doolin with a couple of pit stops along the way. Pretty much throughout our entire trip our GPS continued to get us to our destinations by way of back roads and on day four I was so glad it did! Before we made it to Killarney our Garmin had us venture up a mountain and through some beautiful farmland. I cannot even begin to describe how unreal the views were! Who knew that Ireland had such gorgeous mountains? And of course, I also loved seeing all of the cute little sheep [there were so many!] 🙂


Before we made it all the way to Doolin we stopped in Killarney to visit Ross Castle. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to photograph any of the interior but it was an interesting tour! I’m not sure I’d say the castle itself is worth a stop in Killarney, but it did have some amazing views of the lake!


And finally we made it to the Cliffs of Moher in Doolin! The cliffs were definitely my favorite part of my entire Ireland trip! It was so gorgeous and crazy to see them in person. After sightseeing we checked into our B&B and made our way to town for dinner. We ended up eating at McGann’s and that is where I had my favorite meal of the whole trip! I hate to say it wasn’t an Irish meal, but I had the best tagliatelle pasta with chorizo and chicken!


Day 5

After our stay in Doolin we made our way to Galway. I’ll admit I had a lot of high expectations for Galway, and really thought that this would end up being my favorite town from our whole trip. But, I quickly realized that the smaller towns were what I preferred and Galway was pretty much just filled with lots of tourists and shopping. While I do usually love shopping, it wasn’t what I came to Ireland for.


We spent a bit of time in the main area of Galway then decided to make our way to Connemara National Park. I think my favorite part about visiting the park was the drive! I am still so shocked at how many gorgeous mountains there are in Ireland. Before we made it all the way to Connemara we decided to check out Kylemore Abbey. This place is seriously gorgeous and picturesque from the outside, and I’m sure all of the inside is as well, but during the tour you’re only able to go into about four rooms. This place is huge, so I think only opening four rooms for tour is a bit anticlimactic and I had really expected a lot more. But, one thing that did not disappoint whatsoever was the gothic church on the property! It was so little but full of so much beauty.


Day 6

We spent our last full day in Skerries, a small town just north of Dublin. Before checking into our B&B we visited Ardgillan Castle (somehow I forgot to take a photo of the castle, but Google it – IT’S SO PRETTY!). This was undoubtedly my favorite castle tour that we went on. The girl who gave us the tour was super informative and you could tell she was really passionate about the history of Ardgillan. I also loved that we got to tour pretty much the entire castle, which isn’t exactly common. I’ve never been much of a history buff, but I really was interested to learn more about everything that happened there.


Later we decided to explore Skerries a bit. There were quite a few little shops and restaurants through the town, which was right off of the sea. We ended up having dinner at Ollies Place, which was the #1 restaurant in Skerries on Trip Advisor. The atmosphere here was nothing like a typical Irish pub, but was much more modern and sleek and seemed like it had a much younger crowd than any of the other restaurants we had been to.


So, after a nine hour flight to Atlanta, a flight to D.C., and another four hour car journey, I am finally back at home with my dog! To say that I loved Ireland is a complete understatement. I suggest for anyone to visit there if they ever have the opportunity! And if you are interested in booking a trip to Ireland I highly recommend checking out Great Value Vacations! We were able to book all of our flights, car rental and B&Bs all at once and at a much lower rate than if we had booked them each separately.

Like I said, I had an amazing six days in Ireland and I really hope you enjoyed following me along through my blog as well as on Instagram and Snapchat (wpshupe)!



3 thoughts on “Irish Adventure: Part 2

  1. Excellent photos of my country! Makes me nostalgic. It’s a really stunning country – it’s a shame we don’t often get the good weather though. Looks like you got some luck in that respect!


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