Accessories Wish List


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With the weather finally warming up and the seasons changing, I have been trying to do a bit more shopping to amp up my wardrobe in preparation for spring and summer. Of course, I get a lot of inspiration for this from Instagram and other bloggers constantly. One thing that I have noticed as a scroll through other bloggers photos is that there are some things in particular that they have a lot of and I barely have any… and that is accessories.
When it comes to putting together an outfit or look I have almost always focused on the clothes themselves and have never been very concerned about jewelry and accessories. Now that I’m realizing I don’t have much of those things I’m noticing what a difference these pieces can make to an entire look. So, I have made myself a promise that I am going to start stepping up my accessories game!
Unfortunately for my wallet, some of my favorite pieces that I want to buy aren’t the cheapest, so I’m having to limit myself to only buying one item at a time, so I don’t go completely broke trying to become #armcandygoals.
I thought that I would make myself a wishlist and keep it here so that I’m able to give others a bit of accessory inspiration at the same time as having items ready for whenever I’d like to treat myself (I may or may not do this a little frequently ;)).
What’s your favorite kind of accessory to style? 


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