My Favorite Face Masks



I feel like my skin type is always evolving. At the beginning of high school I had acne-prone, oily skin; during the later years of high school, acne-free, normal skin. Now, I’m 23 years old and out of college, and my skin is back to its oily roots, and unfortunately is followed by hyperpigmentation. With oily skin I feel like I always need to take an extra step to make my face feel even more cleansed than it already was. One way that I love to do this is with face masks!

I’ve always seen face masks as a pampering treatment, so when you find one that does magical things to your skin, you really get the best of both worlds. After some time of trying out new products and giving myself some extra pamper time, I really think that I have found some of my favorite masks. I know I’m not the only gal with hyperpigmentation and oily skin, so I’m hoping some of these will help you too!

Boscia Bright White Mask – I honestly cannot say enough good things about this mask. It’s a brightening mask designed to even out skin tone while helping reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Let’s just say, this stuff is AMAZING. It not only brightens your entire face but it’s a peel-off mask, too, which is a total win to me because I’ll admit, the only thing I don’t like about face masks is having to rinse them off. Maybe that’s me being lazy, but I’m just honest 🙂

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay – This stuff targets my oily-skin like a dream. After using this mask my skin instantly feels balanced and extra clean. The other benefit to this mask – it’s also a peel off mask. Like I said earlier, they’re my favorite!

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask  – While having oily skin, I feel like a deep cleaning face mask is absolutely necessary in my skin care regime. The charcoal in the mask is meant to draw out impurities deep in the pores, which leads to clearer, less oily skin, and even less blackheads(which in my opinion, are the hardest thing to treat). This is definitely the mask that I reach for when I feel like my skin really needs a real pick-me-up.

When my skin’s happy, I’m a happy girl. So, I’d love to hear any recommendations y’all may have! Happy Monday and I hope you’re week continues to be wonderful!



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