MAC Lipstick Dupes: Velvet Teddy

DSC_0254 copy

Lipsticks have easily become one of my biggest obsessions over the past year or so. As much as I love experimenting with all of the different shades and brands, I always tend to gravitate right back to MAC. They offer tons of different shades and finishes, and they always look so pretty on the lips! But, although I love MAC lipsticks, I can’t say that I love having to spend $17 every time I want to try a new color. So, to attempt and save some money and still expand my lipstick collection, I am officially on the hunt to find some of the best drugstore dupes for the best MAC lipsticks. I mean, who doesn’t love finding affordable versions of their favorite products? Since I’m sure I’m not the only one, I thought I would share my finds with y’all.

MAC’s Velvet Teddy is probably my favorite go-to every day lipstick color, so of course I had to start the hunt with this.


After running to Walmart and CVS I finally found exactly what I had been looking for.


Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Bare It All is almost identical to MAC’s Velvet Teddy! I really couldn’t believe I was able to find a shade so similar for barely a fraction of the cost. Like I mentioned earlier, MAC lipsticks run around $17 each, and this Wet n Wild lipstick was only $1.97!


Left, MAC Velvet Teddy. Right, Wet n Wild Bare It All. 

I think this was a great start to my search of MAC drugstore dupes, so I can’t wait to see what I find next.

What is your favorite shade of MAC lipstick?


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