Easy & Pretty Gift Wrapping


I’ll admit that I have never been a “professional” when it comes to wrapping gifts. I love the idea of wrapping gifts because I always see really creative, beautiful wrapping done on Pinterest, but mine have never turned out the way I wanted it. But, this year I was determined to wrap my presents like something as-seen-on-Pinterest, but I also wanted to make sure I could do it easily.





As I am sure you have seen all over the Internet and Pinterest specifically, brown paper wrapping has been very popular the past few years. It creates a very simple canvas for the wrapping and your creativity then can be focused on all of the accessories for your gift.




I chose to keep my accessories and “design” for my gift wrapping pretty simple, because like I said earlier, I am nowhere near a professional wrapper. Twine is your best friend when it comes to wrapping, it’s very easy to use yet leaves a very pretty detail on the gift. And of course, any red ribbon adds a pretty, festive touch as well.



My personal favorite addition I made to my wrapping were some gold jingle bells that I bought at a local craft store. They’re very festive, yet simple and add a really cute detail to the gift.





I also found some chalkboard gift tags and chalk markers and knew they would look great with any of the other details I added to the packaging!



And don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to make your gifts stand out under the tree. Feel free to use things you already have around your house, like extra trimmings from your christmas tree, or even a candy cane. Anything festive can really be used creatively and easily to add a cool touch to your gifts!

Photos by Ammie Shupe Photography**

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