Classic Black and White

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I’ve always been one to believe that pairing any black and white pieces together is a seamless choice and will always leave you looking put together and chic without having to put much thought into your outfit. And for me, the fall and winter months are when I like to pull out all of my monotoned clothes the most. So of course, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite outfits which is very simple, yet chic and does not require a lot of accessories or layers.

First, I pulled out my favorite black jeans which are from American Eagle, just like the majority of my denim. These have a perfect fit and are the blackest black, which I love. They really pull any outfit together and makes it look even more polished than it would if you had paired the same look with leggings.

My sweater is also from American Eagle, and is very simple and cozy and gives this outfit a very classic look. The fit of this sweater is slightly oversized, but at the same time is still very flattering. One of my favorite details about this sweater that made it stand out for me is the two zippers on either side.

My handbag that I chose for this look is Michael Kors (similar can be found here). I think a black leather handbag is a staple item during the fall and winter months and can be used for almost any outfit or look.

In my opinion, my Vince Camuto booties (similar can be found here) are definitely the main attraction of this outfit! I must admit, these are not the most comfortable shoes that I own but I just could not resist and had to buy them. The slit in the front of the shoes gives them an edgier, chic look that I think really makes them steal the show of any outfit.


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