Addicted to Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee Mask


If you’re anything like me then you can’t resist the smell (or taste) of fresh coffee in the morning. Well, instead of pouring myself a cup of coffee, I now have a new way to get my coffee fix. For the past month or so I have been absolutely obsessed with the Cup O’ Coffee face and body mask from Lush! This vegan face mask gives off an amazing aroma of fresh coffee and perks me up each time I use it. The coffee grounds in the mask act as an exfoliant and helps buff away any dead skin, which leads to your skin looking fresh and glowing every time!


This is not a mask that I would grab if I had a break out or really felt like I needed to cleanse my face, but it is something that I reach for multiple times each week whenever I feel like my face needs a “pick me up.”


I would highly recommend trying this product to everyone. It not only brightens my face but it also leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth and soft. This is a product that I know will be staying in my skincare routine for a very, very long time.


After being unbelievably impressed with this face mask, I’m urged to go out and try more coffee products for my skin to see if they all give as wonderful results as this one does!


Do you have any coffee beauty and skin products that you would recommend?


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